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Mexico - The 5 Best Things to Do in Mexico

The land of salsas, picante, chilies and tacos. Mexico, the food haven in Latin America.

You can love it, hate it but you cannot ignore it. Well, I came here for the awesome food, Tequila and the Caribbean Sea. What I got in return, was so much more, the super nice helpful locals, welcoming atmosphere, spooky day of the dead vibes, their fascination with skulls and the crazy Aztecs and Mayan history. I am going back content having experienced a culture like no place before. Spooky, Yummy and the Caribbean, this was Mexico for me.


I’m listing down 5 must do things when in this cool country Mexico. These were the highlights of our trip and Mexico travels wouldn’t have been the same without them. So here’s passing our treasure tips to you.


  1. Indulge in a Taco tour and Mezcal Tasting session: We stumbled upon this tour while looking for free walking tours(you know how much we love exploring the city this way) in Mexico City and voila, we had this company called “….” offering taco and Mezcal tasting tours. Mezcal is similar to Tequila but stronger :p We had so much fun trying various Taquerias and the different Tacos, my favourite one was a local street stall selling the most yummy Mexican food I’ve ever had. I’m a vegetarian and got lots of options to choose from. It’s called a Taco tour but really, it had everything under the umbrella of Mexican food- tacos, quesadillas, “poblados”, “frutas” and drinks- Tequila, mescal and pulques. We ended our tour inside a famous local Pulqueria, a wonderful place to unwind with a Mexican speciality alcohol called pulque and oh! So yummy. This is food for the soul. You cannot leave Mexico City without exploring the flavours of this city and the country!


  1. Visit Teotihuacan Pyramids near Mexico City: To be honest, we were dicey on taking this Pyramid tour but so thankful we did it. It was the most significant historical monument that we visited in Mexico. It’s a day trip from Mexico City and the history and myths around this place is mind-boggling. We did our tour with the same free walking tour company “ …” that we also used for the Downtown and Cathedral square walking tour. This day trip costed us 400 pesos per person including the entrance tickets, return travel and a sweet guide.



  1. Swim in a Cenote, our favorite was the Grand Cenote near Tulum : Can you imagine swimming and snorkelling inside a natural cave with clear turquoise fresh water around lots of turtles and little fish. Well, this is exactly what Cenotes here in Mexico are and more. Cenotes are unique to Mexico and very few countries have such beautiful cenotes to call their own. It’s a dreamy experience that’s so close to nature that it seems unreal.


  1. Unwind by the Caribbean Sea in Tulum/Cancun : A great place to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and stay when in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico is Tulum. Tulum’s close proximity to Caribbean sea beaches, Cenotes, Chichen Itza Pyramids, great connectivity and budget friendly accommodation makes it an ideal spot for travelers. The Caribbean Sea has the warmest crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches to have you gripped throughout the day. Enjoying the sunset over the Caribbean with a Tequila cocktail (Margarita maybe) and salty hair is surely one of the most relaxing experiences in Mexico. For those of you who crave a luxury Caribbean getaway, Cancun is your answer to uber stylish and luxurious resorts by the Caribbean Sea, all on the famed Hotel Strip in Cancun.



  1. Plan a day visit to the Seventh Wonder of the World, The Chichen Itza Pyramids : This is definitely a bucket-list item. We’re talking about one of the Seven Wonders of the World, The Chichen Itza Pyramids in Mexico. It’s a day trip from Tulum or Cancun, around 2 hours drive and then another couple of hours to explore this historic site. Tip- Make sure you visit the Pyramids between 8 am-10 am as the weather is at its best then (gets too sunny and hot later) and you avoid the massive crowds. Be sure to take some good snacks with you as food there isn’t the best. The site can be explored by yourself (provided you read up on the site and watched some YouTube videos on it :p) , you don’t necessarily need a guide as it’s a rather small complex.



So this is a wrap with Mexico, sorry a Burrito :p


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"Megha and Pranay (alias The Trunk Travellers) travelled around the world this year. An Investment Banker and ex-Consultant by profession, they decided to take the greatest journey of their lives. They have visited over 45 countries together. Megha has co-founded the kitschy product label, Pitaara Handmade and is scouting for inspiration during her travels. They have been featured with LBB Mumbai, Tripoto, Wedding Sutra and WedMeGood previously. You can reach out to them and follow their adventures on Instagram as well"

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