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About Us and Why We Took the Plunge (The Trunk Travellers)

We are Pranay and Megha ("The Trunk Travellers" as we are called on Instagram). Married for 2 years and have known each other since eternity (Yes..we met for the first time during our boarding school days in Dehradun, India) and our love life has followed the typical old-school romantic stories thus culminating into our marriage. From casual dating, to “let's not think about the future” to “Will you marry me”, I think we have seen it all as a couple.

I know..I know..This is a travel blog and not a story of our personal lives, but we strongly believe that our personal relationships, a brief story of our lives would really help you better comprehend and appreciate our motivations behind our travels.


Our plan

The Trunk Travellers will not be the typical “ten best things to do” or “must see places” travel blog. We want to tell you a story; A story about the greatest journey of our lives. We will write about our experiences (both good and bad), our food (both local and Indian), our stays (both budget and luxury). It will not only serve as a guide for your next trip but also entertains you with our stories and at the same time provide a glimpse of the wonderful world we all live in. Our plan is to travel the world, initially for a year and hopefully for the rest of our lives. In travel, we seek inspiration for life, rediscover ourselves and see this wonderful world. We have a lifestyle brand, Pitaara handmade, which we hope to relaunch incorporating design elements we pick up along our travels. 

About P (Written by M..thats how well we know each other)

P has always strived to become an ideal child and boy!!..what a success he has been when benchmarked against the society’s idealist standards; Top of the class in school, All India Ranker in college, an MBA from the IIM and a top-rated investment banker. But P has been a curious one and when he has always relied on travel to satiate his hunger which books or internet couldn’t satisfy. He is laid back, relaxed and tries to experience a place through the eyes of a local. His travel days are well researched and have a "to-do list" of places he wants to be and the sights he wants to experience and the local food he wants to relish.


About M (Vice versa)

M has been a rebel throughout and has fought her way through life. She is extremely hardworking and gets what she wants by hook or by crook. A school topper, a coveted economics graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, a masters degree holder from Delhi School of economics and a management consultant, she is a fierce negotiator albeit a well informed one. She travels for the sheer excitement she gets by being at the top sights in the world. Her plans are spur of the moment and instantaneous. She is addicted to Indian food and needs it at least once a week.(Correction by M “DAY”). It scares me, to say the least really, the thought of finding Indian food in the remotest corners of the world that we have in our itinerary, fingers crossed the 20m Indians in the world are hopefully scattered far and wide. 


Our Inspiration

  Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—

I took the one less traveled by,

And that has made all the difference.

These lines from Robert Foster have guided us in every major life decision. It has inspired us to chase our dreams, however difficult and unassailable they might seem. The birth of "The Trunk Travellers" has been no different, it has stemmed from our desire to explore our beautiful earth, inter-mingle with various different cultures and make amazing new friends.

No doubt the decision has been difficult, very difficult I must say; leaving our well-settled lives in Mumbai to take the plunge. But we hope this decision makes all the “difference” in our lives.

Come and join us on our journey.

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  • Hey Garima, cutie thanks so much. Hoping you’re living your dream and wishing for the best for you always 😘

  • Dear Padma, thanks so much for your warm wishes and encouragement 😁 Means so much, even I’m loving the new avatar ☺️ Happy travels

  • You’ve gone ahead to do what most people only dream about! Wish you happiness and success in this new endeavour!

  • Wow Megha so proud to see this new avaatar of yours ☺️ Live up your dreams love your blogs ☺️

    Be best and blessed 👍

  • Thank you so much Alisha & Niraj for the motivation. Yours words mean a lot to us.

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