About Us and Why We Took the Plunge (The Trunk Travellers)

on Mar 21, 18

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The Trunk travellers will not be the typical “ten best things to do” or “must see places” travel blog. We want to tell you a story; A story about the greatest journey of our lives. We will write about our experiences (both good and bad), our food (both local and Indian), our stays (both budget and luxury). It will not only serve as a guide for your next trip but also entertains you with our stories and at the same time provide a glimpse of the wonderful world we all live in.Our plan is to travel the world, initially for a year and hopefully for the rest of our lives. In travel, we seek inspiration for life, rediscover ourselves and see this wonderful world. We have a lifestyle brand, Pitaara handmade, which we hope to relaunch incorporating design elements we pick up along our travels. 

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